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Welcome to Orcasho, India’s hyper focused app for your gut ! Gut cleansing! Gutalicious recipes! Gutalicious insights! Our gut shop (groceries)!

With Orcasho in your life, you’ll never have to look elsewhere for maintaining your gut health

Orcasho is a platform that provides end to end solutions to cleanse & maintain your gut health.

1. My happy Gut (3 month program): We have for the first time had a break through in formulating a plant extract derived easy to adapt gut cleansing program called “my happy gut” with our key focus on cleansing your gut, taking into consideration your everyday lifestyle. This is a 3 month program that involves a combination of Plant extracts + custom diet plan that will help cleanse your gut & increase your metabolic rates of digestion (for example think of it as servicing your car once a year to keep it up to mark). Some of the results observed with our current users are improved sleep, excretion, drop in hunger, increased energy levels. The main reason for these results: our combination of plant extracts + custom made easy to adapt diet plan has for the first time shown evidence of achieving balance between Gi (glycemic index) vs insulin resistance.

2. Gutalicious recipes: To add to this our platform has curated research based formulation on recipes that help maintain your gut health such as soups, salad, cooking recipes etc.

3. Our gut shop (groceries): We have done our market research and handpicked the best groceries for your everyday appetite that help maintain your gut health by maintaining a balance between Gi (glycemic index) vs insulin resistance. Free-Fast Deliveries by Orcasho: Your order will be delivered in 1 to 3 days by our delivery partners for free once you order from “our gut shop”. Orcasho places no minimum order restrictions! Order in as little (or as much) as you’d like. Orcasho will deliver it to you!

4. Gutalicious insights: We have included some great insights on Gut health to spread the awareness from the scientific community on certain key factors that cause gut based problems & its solutions.

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